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Awesome features

These are the features that make Shopping List for Android so user-friendly.

  • Add items

    Start typing the name of an item, suggestions will pop up and help you.

  • Mark bought items

    Keep a simple overview of what you have already bought or put in the cart.

  • Easy sorting

    Easily move items on the list using the drag&drop icon on the side.

  • Multi-list

    Create as many lists as you prefer and separate items by store.

  • Smart suggestions

    The app learns your shopping habits and personalizes the suggestions for you.

  • Translated into 18+ languages

    Missing a language? Help us translate the app here.

Free download

Shopping list is a free app available on Google Play.

Multiple lists

Create separate lists to organize your shopping trips best.

  • Separate by store
  • Add as many as you wish
  • Easy overview on how many items are missing

Smart suggestions

An easier and faster way to create your shopping list.

  • Start typing and tap on a suggested item
  • Learns your shopping habits over time
  • Makes personalized suggestions


What users say about Shopping List on Google Play.

  • Quick, simple and easy to use I love this app. So many grocery shopping apps are way over complicated and slow. This app is quick, simple and anyone can figure it out.

    Ryan S.
  • Still love this app After a year+ I still love this easy to use and very handy app. I use it all the time for all my lists. Great tool for trying to stay organized!!

    Barbara L.
  • I have really bad allergies and impaired vision. It keeps up with my families constantly changing shopping needs, and my need for something big and easy to see and use!

    Yo M.
  • I this app... it's my life I make lists for everything. Packing, moving, grocery shopping, meals, cleaning...but I always lose they are! On my phone!

    Carolyn D.

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